WASP In a Box  |  WASP All Hazards  |  WASP All Hazards Industrial WASP Gutter Mount Sprinkler System

WASP in a BoxThe WASP In A Box offers all the power and capability of its larger counterparts with the exception of the generator.

This unit is portable enough to be easily carried by two people and is designed to attach to standard fire hydrants.

Most hydrant systems in North America can support up to 5,000 feet of line and 100 sprinkler heads, making it the perfect solution for fire departments or private companies looking for an affordable defense system that can cover a large area.

If a hydrant water source is unavailable, the WASP In A Box can be adapted to remote start a pumping system. The battery powered WASP In A Box supplemented by the solar panel can stand guard for an indefinite period of time.

WASP in a BoxOnce the sprinklers are deployed, the WASP In A Box allows the operator to remotely control the unit from anywhere on the planet through any satellite phone, cell phone or computer with internet access.

The user can also receive confirmation of operations through real time display via the exclusive flow meter monitoring system.

Sprinkler programs can be selected and modified from offsite to adapt to changing to fire conditions.

The WASP In A Box is the ultimate in remote operations and can be fully customized to meet your specifications and requirements, including hose and hydrant connections, pump connections and specific data relay requirements.

When it is no longer safe to remain and evacuation is inevitable, the WASP units can be left behind for remote operation. The WASP is the perfect defence, making safety and structure protection both top priorities.