WASP All Hazards

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WASP TrailerThe smallest All Hazards WASP provides many of the capabilities of our larger units, in a less intimidating 12 foot enclosed trailer, which can be towed by most vehicles.

Powered by a 13,000 watt diesel generator, this unit can draw from any water source with a minimum depth of 18 inches, as well as from any fire hydrant.

The All Hazards WASP system is built around the standard ‘smart’ WASP In A Box.

The modular construction of the All Hazards unit allows the

WASP Firefighters
WASP In A Box to be removed and operated separately from the trailer. This effectively creates 2 distinct units, one remote, one manual.

The standard unit is supplied with 1500 feet of line, 30 sprinkler heads, a Scotty’s foam injection system and the same remote capabilities of all WASP models.

We would be happy to work with you to customize a WASP to meet specific requirements. Refer to the WASP Model Comparison for a complete list of customizable options.


When it is no longer safe to remain and evacuation is inevitable, the WASP units can be left behind for remote operation. The WASP is the perfect defence, making safety and structure protection both top priorities.