WASP All Hazards Industrial

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WASP – The Leaders in Wildfire Sprinkler Protection


Operation and Deployment

Less than 10,700 lbs. in weight, the standard WASP can be easily towed by a ¾ ton or larger pickup truck. In most situations, 2 firefighters can fully deploy the All Hazards Industrial WASP with 1,500 feet of line and 30 sprinkler heads in under 45 minutes.

Powered by a 20,000 watt multi-phase diesel generator, all pumps are electric, allowing for smooth, expandable and reliable power to move large quantities of water when needed.

With standard equipment, the WASP All Hazards Industrial can draw from any water source up to 600 feet from the unit, including lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, ponds, salt water and even swimming pools.

WASP and TruckThe pump can also pull water up to 100 feet vertical to account for varying terrain. Optional booster pumps can easily extend the distance from the water source both vertically and horizontally. The standard fire hydrant adapter also allows for hook up to municipal water supply which makes the WASP ideal for residential neighbourhood protection.

The WASP comes complete with offsite communication capability, which allows the unit to be easily programmed and operated from a remote location via the satellite/cellular connection.

This provides for safe operations under fire conditions, limits flood damage by turning the sprinklers on when needed and conserves valuable water assets when water is at a premium.

The WASP All Hazards Industrial also comes standard with an adjustable Scotty’s Foam Injection System to provide maximum protection at the discretion of the operator.

Emergency Services

The WASP All Hazards Industrial allows for the movement of water in flood situations.

Depending on available line, a standard unit can move water up to 3,000 feet away from the flood area, at a rate in excess of 300 gallons per minute.

The standard 20,000 watt diesel generator, along with the portable power distribution box, provides ample power for emergency lighting and services as well as power for electrical equipment when needed in any emergency situation.

Peat Fires

Optional underground deployment rods allow operators to surround and suppress a peat fire. A single WASP All Hazards Industrial can supply up to 3,000 feet of line and 34 rods dispersing over 2,500 gallons of water per hour. The peat rods allow water to be distributed 2 to 3 feet underground, where the fire is actually burning.


We would be happy to work with you to customize a WASP to meet specific requirements. Refer to The WASP Model Comparison for a complete list of customizable options.

When it is no longer safe to remain and evacuation is inevitable, the WASP units can be left behind for remote operation. The WASP is the perfect defence, making safety and structure protection both top priorities.